drug and alcohol addiction

The best ways to get help for a drug and alcohol addiction

What does it mean to have a drug and alcohol addiction?

Some people are experiencing a drug and alcohol addiction that may not realise it.

Those with an addiction may disguise their drinking or drug-taking in better ways than other addicts.

However, regardless of how good someone may be at hiding their addiction, or if they are a functioning addict, they still need help for their addiction.

How do I know if my drug and alcohol addiction is bad enough?

If you or people around you notice that you have a strong dependency on drugs or alcohol then it is bad enough.

Not everyone who goes to get help for their drug or alcohol dependency will be taking the same amount.

Every addict is different, and those who struggle may believe their addiction does not require rehab.

There are general signs that someone may notice regarding addiction to drugs and alcohol.

  • Lack of control.
  • Not socialising with others.
  • Taking risks that they did not do previously.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not taking drugs or alcohol.

Getting help for your problem

While the best way to get help for an addiction is professional treatment, some people may delay, or entirely put off, getting professional help.

Did you know that out of the 180,748 crack cocaine users in the UK, only 40% seek treatment for their addiction?

The idea of going to a rehab centre and getting professional help can be a scary, anxious feeling for an addict.

Around 59% of adults who began treatment for substance abuse also admitted to having an underlying mental health condition that required treatment.

Without the right help, they will not be able to get better.

By taking large amounts of drugs or alcohol, there will be a large amount of damage done to your body within time.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Higher risks of cancer
  • Risks of heart disease
  • Constant aggression
  • Irregular heartbeat

The right help makes a big difference

Those who get help for their addiction are not just given a detox and then leave the facility.

They are given the right tools to help them maintain their sobriety when they leave rehab.

Getting treatment is more than just taking someone off drugs and alcohol.

It’s about giving them all the tools and knowledge to keep sober when they leave.

Your health is important, and addiction plays a big role in someone’s physical and mental health.

You do not need to learn to cope and exist with your addiction

There are ways to get help.

Visit the NHS website for free information and resources about getting help for a drug and alcohol addiction.