10 Best Foods to Fuel Your Training

1) Bananas Bananas are full of nutrients. You’ll get around 90 calories and 15g of carbohydrate from a mixture of three sugars (fructose, glucose and sucrose) and starch, which means that this fruit releases it energy supply moderately. The fibre in bananas is important for protecting against bowel cancer, lowering cholesterol and stabilising blood sugar […]

Is obesity a disease or a lifestyle choice?

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is now classed as a disease. With as many as a third or more of all adults being so overweight that their health is affected, it’s no wonder that the powers that be are at panic stations. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be more overweight […]

10 Top Tips to Stay Fit & Healthy

Exercising regularly and being fit can have a very positive effect on your health and well being from giving you more energy to developing a stronger immune system. Getting fit and, more importantly, keeping fit isn’t always easy though as there is so much information available regarding exercise that sometimes you can get bogged down […]

Everything you need to know about Pull Ups

Pull-ups, performed with an overhand grip, are an upper body body-weight exercise that challenges your biceps at the front of your upper arm and your latisimus dorsi muscles of your back. Pull-ups also put significant stress on the muscles between and below your shoulder blades: your rhomboids and mid-trapezius muscles. Performing pull-ups also requires a […]

Use your Daily Activities to Stay Lean

Activities of daily living (ADLs). Have you heard of the 23/1 rule? The 23/1 rule states that just because you did an hours exercise doesn’t mean you can sit on your butt the other 23 and expect to see massive benefits from your workouts! What we do in the other 23 hours plays a huge […]